Your solution to quality success at Tesla.

It’s a challenging, fast paced environment. Production goals are increasing and the Model 3 is scheduled for 2017 production. HAVING YOUR OWN ADVOCATE AT TESLA ENABLES YOU TO RESPOND FASTER AND ENSURES BETTER CONTROL OVER PARTS QUALITY.

Our team of Quality Resident Engineers is the proactive solution to your quality concerns at Tesla.

Supplier Link Services’ team of onsite engineers will provide you with early notification of potential problems and the ability to investigate the issue at the assembly plant.  We understand the difficulty of managing parts once they’ve left your facilities, and the high costs associated with sending your own representative. Supplier Link Services offers an effective solution. Our engineers work with you to improve communication and response time. Depending on your needs, you instruct your on-site rep to provide the necessary data and feedback.

We will not eliminate the need for you to visit Tesla, but we can improve the productivity and reduce the frequency of your visits. An onsite rep provides value to your company by eliminating the need for inspections or greatly reducing the scope required.

Supplier Link Services Engineers - SLS Engineering Services


Dedicated Engineer at Off-Site Assembly Plant.
Proactive Early Notification System: Assembly line and Reject tables are monitored for potential issues. Parts can be audited to determine how extensive the problem is, and, if necessary, a sort can be started. Weekly reports keep you updated.
Root Cause Analysis: Rejects will be evaluated to verify cause. If responsibility is unclear, we will advocate on your behalf.
Trained and Instructed By You: QRE’s are degreed engineers with years of experience.
Daily Representation: QRE’s advocate for you at the Tesla Plant in California. They keep an eye on your parts, process paperwork, evaluate shipping trials and are your eyes and ears at the plant. We strengthen your communication with Tesla; we do not replace it.
A Fraction of the Cost of Sending Your Own Quality Representative: Our team is available to support you 24/7. You decide the level of service you need. We are flexible and will design a program that fits your needs. The minimum level of service is $2000 per month. Depending on the number and quantity of parts your company supplies, we can tailor a QRE plan to fit your needs.