What options do you have when your customer finds quality issues with your parts?

When your customer is in California and has issues with your parts, you may not be able to respond as quickly or completely as you would like.

By using Supplier Link Services’ team of experienced engineers, supervisors and inspectors, you can quickly respond to any quality issues your customer may be having.¬†And you save time and money by using a reliable and experienced 3rd party sorting company.

Supplier Link Services provides an effective alternative as an extension of your QC department. SLS focuses on taking care of the suspect parts at the assembly plant and in the pipeline. This frees you up to focus on getting certified parts shipped from your facility. We ensure only good parts make it to the assembly line. You and your customer focus on countermeasures and production.

Supplier Link Services has completed thousands of inspection and rework projects and helped numerous manufacturers and their suppliers through New Product Launches. We help suppliers quickly contain and resolve quality issues at a reasonable and cost-effective price. We believe Inspection and Rework is only as good as the work instructions and the team executing them. That is why we have established standardized work procedures and documentation which allows our supervised and trained inspectors and engineers to immediately respond.

Inspection and rework - Supplier Link Services


Experienced inspectors and engineers.
Quick response time for short and long term projects.
Everything from simple visual inspections to complex reworks and CMM measurements.
Money saving solutions: Rework rejected parts, re-packs, and 100% reworks.
Online Client Portal (NCS): Gives access to daily Inspection Results by 8 am the next morning. Available data includes past inspection results, historical job data, defect pictures and shared files.
Weekly invoices to keep you informed of costs.