Backed by over 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience, we provide effective turnkey quality control operations to the manufacturing industry.

Here are just a few reasons why Supplier Link Services is the Quality Control Team of choice.

Not only is it expensive when your customer finds quality problems related to your parts but it is important to resolve the issue as quickly and as accurately as possible. Our team of experienced engineers, foremen and inspectors is ready to respond whenever you need us. And we understand the best way we can save you money is by ending the inspection/rework as soon as possible.

SLS understands the volatile nature of the Quality Assurance business. Our Quality Resident Engineer (QRE) service allows for a proactive approach to your Quality Assurance needs at the assembly plant. However, even if you are not signed up for the onsite rep service, we can provide support as a valuable third party sorting company. SLS is set up to handle the ups and downs of manpower requirements so that you don’t have to.

After 25 years in business we have developed an expert team of professional Engineers, Foremen and Inspectors who are trained and supervised to solve quality issues with standardized work instructions and procedures. Our background is in the Toyota Production System. We have been through almost every quality issue imaginable and understand the potential difficulties of each new job.

Distance makes it difficult to ensure your parts are handled correctly, or to fix them if something goes wrong. When part quality is at stake, communication is critical. That is why we commit to written work instructions, job reports, updates, and daily communication with you through our Proprietary Computer System for effective quality control operations management. Even if things aren’t running smoothly the data and information sharing allows you to understand and resolve the issue quickly.

Our commitment to communication drives our integration of technology in our daily operations. To improve communication and give suppliers better control, we developed a proprietary computer system(NCS). Clients get:

• 24/7 Access to job details and daily inspection reports by 8 am the following day.

• Auto Notifications when a part has large defects.

• File Sharing for pictures, work instructions, and reports.

• Historical Project Data

We’ve developed a proven system to directly work with suppliers on quality issues from communication and reporting to billing, sorting and rework. This saves you and the assembly plant time so that any quality issues are fixed before they become a serious problem. Most importantly we work for YOU, the supplier, and act with your directive and best interests in mind.

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