SLS is an experienced onsite team that understands your quality control issues and the time sensitive nature in resolving them. As an onsite extension of your company, SLS provides an immediate and cost-effective solution.

We have 25 years experience delivering high-quality engineering and onsite third party inspection services.

Since 1992 Supplier Link Services has provided quality solutions, including engineering, third party inspection, and rework services, to manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive, green energy and high tech industries. With thousands of projects under our belt and over 600 clients worldwide, we understand the importance of standardized work, preparation and follow-up.

As a trusted partner and advocate, we provide a turnkey method for suppliers to identify quality issues, minimize rejects, improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs at off-site assembly plants. We function as YOUR Quality Department at the plant so you can focus on production without the cost and stress of diverting critical manpower and resources away from your operations.

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Our commitment is to our client. We understand that distance leads to lack of control and distrust; SLS works hard to develop long term relationships. We are there whenever you need us for a short term job or a long term project. Our goal is to keep you and your customer satisfied.


Communication is one of our highest priorities. We believe that, despite the distance, our clients should have knowledge of and control over their parts.  To ensure we continue to provide our clients with the best service, we have invested and committed to integrating technology into everything we do. Developing a proprietary computer system has enabled us to provide 24/7 access to job details, daily reports and more to our clients for better communication and better control.


Located on-site at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA we have assisted numerous assembly and manufacturing companies across the greater Bay Area.


1992: Started as Engineering Firm representing manufacturing companies to NUMMI, a Toyota assembly plant in Fremont, California.

1995: Added short-term Inspection & Rework services to NUMMI suppliers; a cost effective mutually beneficial solution for the supplier and assembly plant.

2000: Expanded into High-Tech Field – provided 3rd party inspection services during the dot com boom.

2006: Added a new division to evaluate completed vehicles. These comprehensive assessments included visual, functional and driving checks on the Toyota Corolla, Tacoma truck and Pontiac Vibe.

2008: Began providing Inspection, Rework, and Engineering Services to Tesla Suppliers and Tesla.

2010: Expanded into Green Energy Field providing support to Bloom Energy and Solar companies.

2016: Launched proprietary computer reporting system giving clients 24/7 access to daily reports, improving file and information sharing, and increasing overall client satisfaction through improved efficiency and communications.


Our team delivers efficient and value-driven solutions for clients in the Automotive, Green Energy, and High Tech Industries.

We have also supported companies during their early start-up phase. If your company is just starting out and has not yet had the time to staff a complete Quality Control Department, please give us a call. We can provide a high level of expertise and reliability until you are ready to take over.

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